The Love and Power of Art

After years of working as an Artist I often receive questions and interest from my clients and fans about my art and my experiences in life, and my work.

I have been asked by my close friend and people I just met briefly to write a blog as they love my life story and they are curious about my work. I have to admit that I always find it fascinating to talk about art, or my favourite artist, galleries, exhibitions or about how I feel about each piece I have created.

You can’t imagine how much I enjoy being in my little studio with some young artists that I am teaching and trying my best to make them fall in love with painting, teaching them to be creative free spirits, exploring on canvas with colours and feelings.

I’m not a great writer and I never wrote a blog before but this time I’ll try to introduce you to a little bit of my work, my passion and how I fell in love with art and where I’m aiming.

As you all know I come from a little country called Georgia. I grew up as a child in what was then a communist country. My best memories of my early childhood are spending time with my grandparents.

I was 6 or 7 years old and I started showing lots of interest in the paintings and prints on my grandma’s wall. One of my favourite pictures was “BACCHUS AND ARIADNE” by JACOPO AMIGONI.

I remember it like yesterday how excited my Nan was as she was telling me the story of how the God of wine falls in love with the beautiful Ariadne and offers her marriage with the promise of a crown of stars as a wedding gift.

There was another picture by one of the most prominent Swiss artists Jean-Etienne Liotard, “THE CHOCOLATE GIRL”. It was a picture of a chocolate serving maid, she carries a tray with a porcelain chocolate cup and glass of water. I was fascinated by the detail of her dress and as a child I used to copy the Chocolate Girl time and time again.

“Girl With Peaches” by Russian artist Valentin Serov was hanging on my grandmother’s dining room wall, it was size of A2 and is one of my favourite portraits

One day I remember she secretly introduce me to the most beautiful picture of “Madona and Child” by Raphael that she had hidden because of the communist attitude towards religion as the picture was considered religious.

My grandmother planted the love of art in me and I feel I am so lucky to have been inspired and supported by the most loving, hardworking, beautiful and amazing woman of my life.

As a child I used to observe the lifestyle of Georgian women and I was always fascinated about their lifestyle of patience, heroism, protecting and fighting against the abuse in their lives. In the journey and testimony of my life, I meet and hear from lots of women with stories about lots of abused, abandoned and agonising lives.

The main reason why my art is feminine is that I like to show love, power and beauty in every woman in the world. Art is how I battle with the good and bad things in life, I believe in the power of art.

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